Weltladen Bolzano - Le Formiche

World shop Bolzano

The World Shop "Le Formiche – Die Ameisen"(“The Ants”) is the second fair trade shop in Bolzano. A group around Paola Frena, Fausto Mercolini, Luigi Fasoli, Giovanna Salvaterra, Paola Fioretta and others, founded it on 19 January 1995.
The decisive impulse for founding the store was a bet: The founders wanted to prove that a Weltladen could be successful even in a residential zone. Today the members of the store can claim with pride and joy: "We have won the bet"

The Goal

The stated goal was to inspire young people with the values of ​​fair trade. The founders hoped that even their children would help in the Weltladen as shop assistants.
However, this objective was only reached partially, because the young people moved away from Bolzano for studying or working. The Weltladen members did, however, made a virtue out of necessity and reinforced their awareness-raising activities in schools and youth groups.

The name

But why the name "Le Formiche - The Ants"?
The ants are gathering, industrious animals who work not only for themselves, but for the entire ant colony. In this sense, the Weltladen buys products from producers in the South of the world, sells them in the North and sends the profit back to the South. In this way, all participate in the profit - even the people in the South:
The entire "human- colony” benefits from it.

Looking for partnerships

For the future the association is looking out for partners in the South of the world.
Specifically, a cooperative in the South is searched that is able to prepare the products according to the needs of the "ants". Conversely, partnerships should be strengthened through invitations of producers to Bolzano.

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