Bottega del Mondo Bolzano

In the flickering light of the bonfire

In a suburb of Damascus in Syria, in the flickering light of the bonfire two friends are reflecting the contradictions in countries in the global south: beautiful craftsmanship, lush coffee plantations and happy children’s laughter go along with poverty, disease and exploitation.

This is the beginning of the World Shop in Bolzano: inspired by the recently opened World Shop in Bressanone the vision of a second World Shop in Bolzano grows and with that the possibility to promote a humane life for disadvantaged producers.
May 1985: the time has come to open Italy’s second World Shop in Bolzano. The generated gains are invested into the extension of Fair Trade, awareness-raising activities and openings of further World Shops in Italy. A step into a World Shop is a step towards a better world.


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