Bottega del Mondo Val Gardena

History of the World Shop Garden

On the 31 of March 2007 it finally happened: After a group of initiators had found a suitable local and enough volunteers, they managed to establish a fair trade shop in Val Gardena.

The about 50 volunteers are rapidly growing into a nice community that always tried to satisfy the customers and to provide information about fair trade.
The volunteers of the Weltladen Gardena were namely endeavor from the outset, to sensitize the population and especially the children and youth to the idea of ​​fair trade. So many concerts, lectures, courses, festivals, Faire breakfasts and other meetings and events were held. In addition, employees of the World Shop have developed the concept of fair trade in the classroom. In addition, the project JAWA the "Neus Jëuni" many young people allowed to operate in the world store.

Because of the interest and sensitivity of the Gardena population has heretofore been possible to carry on the trade shop. Looking back, it was very positive year in which much was achieved and implemented. So it's a big thank you to all those who the world Laden - in whatever form - support.


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