Bottega del Mondo Lana

Volunteer work and awareness-raising activities

The Weltladen Lana was founded in 2009. Since then, just next to the pharmacy, fair trade products are offered. The shop is administered by a social, non- profit cooperative under the leadership of Klaudia Resch, who is also responsible for the shop in Merano. Heidi Nussbauer is the shop manager. The help of the numerous volunteers, who regularly help in the shop or sustain the fair trade cause in other forms, is indispensable. They are the pillars of the cooperative and contribute substantially to its (economic) success. They also make sure that many costumers stay close to the Weltladen and more and more join every year. The aim of the Weltladen is to make itself unnecessary. “If we could just buy fair trade products in all shops, we would not need the Weltläden anymore”, as one volunteer explains.
In our shop, we are happy to advise you about our high quality, exclusively fair trade products (food, handcraft of all kinds, and ideas for presents, clothing, and much more). Part of this process, is the explanation of the ideals behind the fair trade concept. This, however, does not only happen in the shop; we take advantage of plenty of possibilities outside to spread our fair trade products among people. Moreover, the Weltladen organises (often in Collaboration with other organisations) several events about different topics related to fair trade.



  • Coop. sociale Solidarietà Terzo Mondo ONLUS - Soc. coop.

    I-39012 MERANO - Piazza della Rena 2
    P.IVA e c.f.: 01414390219
    Cod. destinatario: T04ZHR3


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