Bottega del Mondo Laces

Regionality and product development

The World Shop Laces established in 2015 realises the Fair Trade principles both on a global level as well as on a regional one. Besides products from Latin America, Africa and Asia, high-quality products from South Tyrol can be found in the shop. These mainly originate from farms in the Vinschgau or are produced by people with disabilities in sheltered workshops. Focusing on small local cycles strengthens small-scale enterprises and minimises transportation. Depending on the season different fruits and vegetable are offered, such as asparagus during spring, strawberries during summer and chestnuts during autumn.
The World Shop Laces’ particularity is the joy in developing own products, that unites producers from Latin America with local producers on an eye level. The varietal arabica coffee “Juanita” is harvested and sundried by the Pech people in Honduras and roasted by Alps Coffee in Vingschau. The apple-mango juice “Malaya” combines Fair Trade mangoes from the Philippines with organic apples from Vingschau. The proceeds go to the childrens’ rights Organisation Preda, which supports and protects abused children on the Philippines.